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As an employee of a company, you are required and expected to adhere to a strict and concise schedule set by your employer. You work a number of days, arrive at a fixed time and the routine continues until pay day. Marketing with us enables you to of your own boss. You are in complete charge and control of your time. You have the freedom to set your hours. You get to work your own schedule which is completely convenient.


You are capable of collecting your revenue at any time.

Working an everyday job at an office facilitates that the staff would be paid at a specific and fixed time or date. These restrictions make it extremely difficult to choose the lifestyle you are comfortable with. You cannot spend time with family, go on a vacation of your choice or engage in leisure activities at the time of your choosing. You may not be able to even afford the luxury you want.

What’s great about being an Independent Consultant with J.R. Watkins is you can even start part-time working from home.

Networking with J.R. Watkins at home is based on building that residual income.

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Individuals working at an office always has the constant fear of losing their jobs. Having your own home based networking business facilitates stability.


You have everything you need and you are in complete control of your business. You can set up, build and manage your business without stress. Your location is not a limiting factor. You can work form anywhere you want. If you decide to move, you can. All you need is your computer and a sound internet connection and you are good to go.


You do not have to go through the usual stress of setting up a business. You cut cost on various expenses like funding accounts for workers. You own the business and all the revenue goes to you. Your tax benefits and savings increase exponentially and can become greater than the cost of entry to get your business started.

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It only cost $29.95 to become an Independent Consultant J.R. Watkins


Your limitations are on a personal basis. You hold the responsibility of either failing or succeeding. You are your own wealth creation tool.


Working from home creates an added advantage concerning the topic of rush hour traffic. While individuals struggle to prepare and get to work on time. You, on the other hand, can relax, wake up at your choice and work when you are ready to. No traffic, no stress.


All transactions are handled online or by phone thus relieving you of the stress of sending out invoices.


You can grow your customer base and income without necessarily having to grow your infrastructure as seen in a usual service organization.

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