A minute here, a minute there…
the easy, respected, sensible way to extra income With a home based business

Everyone needs more than one source of income. That’s what The One Minute Business is all about. With just a minute here and a minute there, you can create extra income for a positive difference in your life. It’s a sensible and completely flexible way to earn extra income—a fun path to a better tomorrow.
Home Based Business
How Does The One Minute Business Plan Work?
The One Minute Business is easy to understand and easy to do. You can build an extra source of income from your computer, smart phone, or tablet. In fact, most members simply invest a few minutes here and there when it’s convenient throughout their day. You don’t have to follow any set schedule, and you won’t have anyone breathing down your neck. It’s as easy as jotting an email; handing someone a business card; or using Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or other social media.

The One Minute Business is just two easy steps:

  1. you suggest that people visit your One Minute Business, a website provided to you once you join the business as an independent consultant, to learn about the income opportunity; and 
  2. you use a few products from the partner company J.R. Watkins in your home each month.


That’s it—plain and simple.

But how can something so easy create income for you? It’s because those simple steps fulfill an important role for our partner company, who will reward you financially for helping them.

You see, when you decide to earn income with the One Minute Business, you’re actually joining the home business opportunity offered by the highly-respected J.R. Watkins Company. Their compensation plan is designed to reward referral marketing. They keep track when one member introduces another person to this business, and then J.R. Watkins automatically issues income checks to those who qualify, based on a number of products purchased by the people in each member’s branch of the team. Next, you’ll learn how it can work for you. 

The One Minute Business can easily fit around your family and other important things in your life, allowing you to earn income with a minute here and a minute there. 

Join Now Only $29.95

Your membership has a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Looking forward to helping you enjoy fun and income with the One Minute Business,
Jason Knowles

P.S. The thing that makes the One Minute Business special is that it’s backed by the J.R. Watkins Company, the most respected choice among home-based business opportunities.

J.R. Watkins Independent Consultant Jason Knowles ID# 816709

Remember success with The One Minute Business can be as simple as 1) suggest that people visit this website to learn about the income opportunity; 2) use a few J.R. Watkins products in your own home each month. The two-minute video below introduces the heritage of J.R. Watkins that makes it all possible.

My recommendation is to jump in and give it a try, and maybe invite a few friends to join and check it out with you. After all, your membership is less than a dime a day.

Click here for details about the One Minute Business and J.R. Watkins.


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